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What’s the Best Senior Apartment Size for Me?

Independent Living | 08/31/21

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Three cheers that we live in a time when seniors have so many options for creating their best life. That includes lots of great choices when it comes to senior living apartment sizes. In fact, if you’re hoping to stay close to New York City for your retirement years, The Atrium at Navesink Harbor might just be the ideal community for you.

Proximity, amenities, and little luxuries aside, The Atrium offers an apartment size to complement whatever lifestyle you want to lead. To help you select from among The  Atrium’s senior independent living apartment floor plan options, browse our  Apartment Size Fit questions below. It’s food for thought that will help point you toward the door that says “welcome home” your way.


Apartment Size Questions to Consider

Like a kid in a candy store, you think you want it all, and the bigger the betterbut do you really need the largest apartment available? Here are 12  questions that examine your apartment size decision tree inch by inch. 

What size bed do you prefer? If keeping your king bed is important to you, of course it will impact your decision on a floor plan. The good news is, keeping it might give you a good excuse for a bedroom set refresh. Today’s modern pieces tend to be less heavy and bulky in appearance and inches.

In what room in your current home do you spend most of your time? If you spend very little time in your living room or rarely entertain, consider whether you need that kind of space at all. A small dining area may do just fine. Same with a small den.

How important are extra bathrooms and/or a tub? In the excitement of the search, people often forget to check the bathroom setup. It’s nice to have two full bathrooms if you share your apartment or have guests. Are you a fill the tub and chill kind of person? Confirm that’s an option in at least one of your two bathrooms.

In a typical month, how often do you cook for friends/family? If you love to prepare and serve meals to a small crowd, you’ll want counter space in the kitchen and a dining room that can accommodate a larger table. To save space,consider drop-leaf and gated tables, or dining sets with chairs that tuck in and under. Start at Ikea, but also search online for “space-saving dining furniture” to see more!

How often do you travel and how long are you typically away? If your apartment will be used primarily as a place to rest your head and grab a meal between extended trips, a one-bedroom place might suit your lifestyle just dandy. Another big plus? You’ll save on monthly expenses.

How important is it to have a separate office or den? Many seniors still do some type of work or simply want a separate den. In that case, a two-room apartment is for you. Add a convertible couch, and keep your work area compact. Store supplies inside a nice credenza that also serves as a TV stand when guests visit.

How often do you expect to have overnight guests? Some seniors probably need to install a revolving door to welcome the flow of guests. But more typically, the kids and grandkids will visit a couple of times a year. In that case, a two-room apartment with the second bedroom doubling as a den might be a good choice. Also worth noting: most communities have one or more guest apartments to rent out to visiting family members.

Do you have a collection that needs to be displayed? Hopefully you’ve taken a cue from organizing experts over the last few years and have done some initial downsizing of your stuff. But if you still have a collection to display, this is the time to consider floating shelves that hang off the wall rather than a display case that sits on the floor and takes up valuable real estate.

Are you into hanging a lot of framed art or photographs? In a bid to make apartments feel lighter and brighter, you might find larger windows and less actual wall space in some of the apartments you see. If you have a lot of art to hang, be sure to take note of how much actual wall space you really have. Even bettermake a gift of a few framed pieces to family or friends.

How much storage space do you need? Bed frames with drawers. Easy -to-install closet storage. Over-the-door and floating shelving. These are all great solutions to consider when apartment storage is at a premium. Even if you get an “A+” in downsizing, you still need adequate space for your stuff. Use  wall space instead of floor space. Count up the closets. Ask about resident storage options. Get creative.

What’s your home workout routine? In a senior living community like The  Atrium at Navesink Harbor you’ll have access to well-appointed workout facilities. You can ditch space-hogging home gyms and still have plenty of great ways to stay in shape. Still want a workout space at home? An extra bedroom might be the perfect fit.

If you have pets, do you need extra space for supplies, cages, crates, or litter boxes?  Take those space needs into consideration as you decide which size apartment would be the best fit for you and your furry or feathered friends!


Our Apartments Fit Perfectly into a Great Lifestyle

The Atrium at Navesink Harbor could be just the retirement community you’re looking for. When you consider the beautiful surroundings, proximity to NYC and culture, and maintenance-free lifestyle, The Atrium truly does have it all. And that includes a choice of bright, well-appointed apartment options to match the carefree, full life you want to live! Browse our floor plans and let’s get moving together!