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The Role Location Plays When Choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community

| 07/16/18

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Location, location, location. For some seniors and their loved ones, it’s the most important factor when considering moving to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). After all, the location will impact day-to-day life in more ways than one – you must like where you live to be happy with your decision to move into a senior living community.

So, when weighing the pros and cons of various CCRCs, what should you think about in terms of location? It’s more than just the physical address, and the best way to prepare yourself to pick the right CCRC is to arm yourself with as much information as possible. That way you can check all of the boxes on your CCRC wish-list with confidence.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities: Why Location Matters

There are many details to consider when looking at senior living communities and deciding which one you should call home. When you think about the location of the CCRC, consider these points:

  • Proximity to family and friends. Whether you’re searching for a CCRC for yourself or on behalf of a family member, take into consideration how far of a drive the CCRC is from where family members live. Google Maps is a great resource to research the exact travel times and routes you may take. This can help you decide if the commute is manageable – no matter how often you plan to visit family and friends.
  • The town and its amenities. While living at a continuing care retirement community you can come and go as you please, which means you can explore the surrounding town and it’s amenities as often as you’d like. Making sure you enjoy the area and its offerings will keep you busy, engaged, and happy for the long-term. For example, The Atrium at Navesink Harbor is located in Red Bank, New Jersey – a quaint walking town with an abundance of shops and activities close to the senior living community. We recommend checking out the town as part of your decision-making process.
  • Proximity to other areas for outings and exploring. With the maintenance-free living that comes from a CCRC, you’ll have more time to travel outside the town you reside and explore surrounding neighborhoods. If the senior living community you choose is in the middle of nowhere, you may not have access to as much adventure as you’d like. In Red Bank, you’re surrounded by a variety of waterfront activities along the Navesink River, quaint boutiques, local theaters, and so much more.
  • Proximity to healthcare facilities. It’s true that by selecting a continuing care retirement community, you’ll already have access to varying levels of senior housing and supportive services that extend beyond independent living, such as skilled nursing and memory care. But when emergencies arise, how close is the CCRC to the nearest trauma center or emergency room? Also, does the CCRC offer rehabilitation services or long-term care support all in one community, or would you have to relocate to a different community for such care?

Enjoy Waterfront Living with All the Amenities at The Atrium

The Atrium at Navesink Harbor, located in Red Bank, New Jersey, is a continuing care retirement community in an area that checks all the boxes on your location wish-list. Whether you’re moving from another area to be closer to family or are looking for cosmopolitan, waterfront living with all the amenities, we encourage you to visit the area and see our community for yourself. Contact us today to schedule a tour or request more information.