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How Seniors Are Using Storage Companies to Help Them Move into Senior Living Sooner

| 09/20/21

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The pandemic has had at least one positive effect it’s created a huge real estate boom and a hot seller’s market. If you’ve been thinking about selling your family home and moving to a senior living community, this is a great time to do it. According to Redfin, this past June, home prices skyrocketed 24.8% to a median sale price of $386,888.

Combined with current low mortgage rates and lean inventory, the boom has resulted in bidding wars; people knocking on homeowner’s doors with offers in hand; buyers offering way over asking price; and inspections being waived to create the cleanest, quickest home purchase contract possible. Sellers like you are in the driver’s seat right now, and though inventory is climbing, experts predict it will take a while for home prices to scale back.

No question, a big move out of a family home and moving to a senior living community has plenty of considerations. But downsizing is doable and well worth it for so many reasons. Number one is realizing a major windfall from the sale. Just as exciting are the extraordinary lifestyle advantages you’ll gain by moving to a senior living community like The Atrium at Navesink Harbor. From spacious apartment options to resort-style amenities to the security of being part of a Life Plan Community, The Atrium at Navesink Harbor is your ticket to a great retirement!


Why Self-Storage Is a Great Strategy for Two Big Reasons

The Pre-Move Pare Down

One of the first things a real estate agent tells a client is to make sure a home is staged to make the best first impression. While some of the staging process involves primping and adding the right touches, one of the most important steps homeowners must take is to pare down their belongings and “lighten up” the feel of each room. Your secret weapon is to rent a storage unit to hold items you want to keep and take with you, but that need to be temporarily out of the way while your home is for sale and being shown. 

A few examples of trouble spots to focus on:

  • Lighten up overstuffed bookshelves; be artful with what you display
  • Remove certain pieces of furniture to create a more spacious living area
  • Pare down the artwork on your walls
  • Remove all personal photos and other personal framed items like diplomas, etc. 

Your real estate agent will be able to offer additional suggestions. Overall, your goal is to create a lighter, airier, less personal feel. Not a totally blank canvas, but one that allows potential buyers to imagine themselves in the spaces.


The Post-Move Convenience

One of the common concerns seniors express about downsizing is what to do with all their belongings, furniture, holiday decorations, and memorabilia. You can find scads of blogs about how to successfully sell, donate, gift, and toss what you don’t need

But what about the stuff you need or want to keep that simply won’t fit into closets and your apartment storage locker? More and more smart seniors are opting to use self-storage units to bridge the gap. In and around Red Bank, NJ, storage facilities are plentiful, and the monthly costs are reasonable. 

One important tip: Be sure to do your due diligence when shopping around for a unit. Read verified online reviews and ask friends and family for their tried-and-true suggestions. Below are some additional features to look for in a self-storage facility:

Accessibility Confirm the facility offers 24-hour accessibility to your unit and that they’re open seven days a week. Surprisingly, some aren’t open on weekends.

Security Check to see if the facility has 24-hour video monitoring, is gated (meaning you need a code to enter the grounds), and if it has plenty of outdoor and indoor lighting. In-person surveillance is optimal.

Temperature Control If you’re storing belongings and valuables in your storage unit, ensure that the facility is climate-controlled, i.e., heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer.

Size Options Quality facilities have a variety of unit sizes to choose from; you shouldn’t have to pay for a large unit if all you need is a space to store holiday decorations and Grandmother’s china.

Clean and Dry Pay close attention to hallways and the units you’re shown. Do you see mouse droppings, crawling things, mousetraps? What about damp floors? If so, your cherished belongings will be more susceptible to damage.

Pricing Options Be sure to inquire about discounts and specials, and confirm all the details of your contract so there are no surprises. In this case, it’s extra important to read the fine print and ask questions.

Depending on how much stuff you have and how much it weighs, you may want to consider renting a small truck for a half day rather than making several trips with your car. Also, by all means, ask a few younger, stronger helpers to join in the move. The last thing you want to do is end up with a bad back or worse right before you make your big move to the best chapter of your life!


Your Best Life Begins at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor

Now that you’ve got a plan for downsizing and storing your cherished belongings, we hope you’ll take time to explore the living options available at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor. When you consider the beautiful waterfront surroundings, proximity to NYC and culture, and the maintenance-free lifestyle, downsizing isn’t a compromise, it’s the start of a carefree, full life!