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What to Expect After Downsizing Your Home & Moving to a CCRC

Downsizing your home and moving to a CCRC.

What to Expect After Downsizing Your Home & Moving to a CCRC

Life is a series of transitions. Just when you think you’ve settled into a routine or gotten used to a certain stage of life, you are thrown a curveball. Sure, change can be overwhelming at times, but it also keeps things exciting, right? And while making the decision to downsize your home and move to a continuing care retirement community can be an overwhelming change if you let it, it can also be an exhilarating one.

One way to make this transition seamless and stress-free (so you can enjoy it as much as possible) is to learn what to expect once you make the move. That way you’re not surprised – but rather happy – when this major life transition is upon you.

When You Move to a CCRC, You Can Expect:

To be surrounded by people who genuinely care.

Think you’ll be lonely if you move to a continuing care retirement community? Think again. Not only will you find other people with similar interests and hobbies, but there’s a good chance those people (your new neighbors) will become some of your closest friends. In fact, as one resident raves.

“It’s like one big family in this place,” said Katherine Guyer. “I don’t know what Springpoint does when they pick people, but The Atrium staff is just incredible. They work so hard to serve us every day.”

To have activities and events right at your fingertips.

One of the other benefits of a continuing care retirement community is the ability to pick and choose which activities and events are right for you. Want to do a lot, or very little? The choice is yours. Services and amenities at The Atrium include:

  • Community garden
  • Elegant restaurant-style dining
  • Full-service beauty spa
  • Harbor Café, an in-house coffee shop
  • High-end fitness center
  • LivWell program
  • Hobbies and interests, from watercolors to gardening
  • Lively activities, programs and events
  • Room service available
  • Wellness activities and fitness classes

Don’t take our word for it: see what resident Irmgard Larsen had to say: “The Atrium offers many great activities and there are so many to choose from. I participate in the opera and ballet trips offered several times a month. We like to participate in several of the LivWell classes including tai chi, yoga, and walking. The interactive lectures offered are interesting too, [and] I also like the library, book club, and bible study.”

To feel like you’re finally home.

If you’re worried you won’t like living in a CCRC or you’ll feel homesick for your old home, push those worries aside. Talk to any of the current residents about moving to The Atrium, and we guarantee you’ll hear them say “I wish I would have made the move sooner.”

That’s similar to what one resident, Paula Westerman, told us. “Everyone asks me if I’ve adjusted to my new life at The Atrium since my move here… and if I’m happy living here. Without a moment’s hesitation, I answer that I never needed a period of adjustment. I felt at home from the moment I stepped through the front door. I not only like living here – I love it.”

To find your sense of purpose.

Moving to a continuing care retirement community while you’re in good physical health makes great sense, as you’ll be able to take full advantage of the wide variety of events and activities designed for residents, by residents. Find your sense of purpose and build lasting relationships with your neighbors and the wonderful staff.

“[T]o those of you who are reading this and saying ‘I’m not ready yet,’ I offer the following baseball analogy,” said resident Michael Kennedy. “’It is often better to trade a player one year too early than one year too late.’ Don’t be too late!”

 Schedule a Tour at the Atrium at Navesink

Any major life transition comes with some uncertainties and doubts, and moving to a CCRC is no different. But let us help you settle your doubts through an in-person tour, which will help you see for yourself if The Atrium is right for you. Schedule a visit with us today.

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