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Companions for Life: Benefits of Pets for Seniors

Senior man sitting on sofa with French bulldog.

You must consider many factors when deciding what senior living community offers the best fit for you. Does it have the amenities you want? Are activities offered? And perhaps one of the more emotionally driven questions to ask; is it pet-friendly?

Michael Kennedy knew he had to find a home for both him and his pets when deciding on a senior living community. He chose The Atrium and shared, “I moved in in January 2015 after getting positive responses to my question of ‘Can I bring my two cats?’” All three are now well-known residents, and Michael is pleased that, “Reggie and Didi have a wonderful view of the Navesink River from their cat condo and have never complained.”

For some, there is simply no other option than bringing cherished pets along to a new home. At The Atrium at Navesink Harbor, we recognize that, along with companionship, pet ownership provides substantial health benefits, both mental and physical. This is why we’re proud to accommodate pet owners like you by welcoming your furry friends to our pet-friendly senior living accommodations.

Health Benefits of Pets

Pet ownership is proven to be advantageous to mental health. In fact, Medical News Today finds that pet owners have, “a deep sense of ‘ontological security’ — that is, the feeling of stability, continuity, and meaning in one’s life.” Animals also live more “in the moment” – a contagious mentality that reduces anxiety. No matter how you look at it, dogs, cats and other furry companions provide comfort and company, which can help decrease depression and loneliness in pet owners. Who can argue that coming home and being greeted by a friendly face, tail wag or lick on the hand doesn’t put a smile on your face and make you feel good?

Not only are do your furry companions help your mental state, but your physical state as well. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that these health benefits of owning a pet include decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. Your days are also filled with more social opportunities and activities since pets, especially dogs, need to keep moving.

While pet owners live healthier, happier lives, caring for another living creature takes extra time and effort. Still, considering the benefits pets bring, you may find it more than worth the extra commitment. The companionship of animals is well-documented and widespread; pets are truly a part of your family.

Learn How The Atrium at Navesink Harbor is Perfect for You and Your Pet

As a pet-friendly community, we are happy to welcome both you and your pets. This is one way we make sure that when you choose The Atrium, you aren’t only choosing premier senior living housing. You’re choosing a place that’s comfortable for you. Contact us today and schedule a tour to see how you and your four-legged friend can find a home in our community.

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