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Bond With Family: Best Intergenerational Activities for Seniors and Loved Ones

Our community is richly blessed to have the valuable perspectives of both young and old! Children bring a special spark as they navigate new experiences, while our older citizens can offer decades worth of wisdom from every stage in life. Finding positive ways for generations to interact through Intergenerational Activities encourages children’s philanthropic enthusiasm and reinvigorates senior folk — a challenge that stands ready to benefit us all. Here are some ways for older folks to interact with the young ones in their lives.

See a movie

Strengthening the bond with loved ones is easy and fun — just pop in a movie. Grandchildren, parents, uncles, grandparents… all can come together to laugh at their favorite scenes or debate which film munchies are superior. Even more than that, those intergenerational activities create lasting memories, as stories of how families were formed pass from generation to generation. So, gather everyone around for an unforgettable family experience through watching movies.

Gather around a fireplace

Let the captivating journey begin! Step into a world of collaboration, allowing exciting stories to come alive as two minds weave threads together. Come take part in an engaging adventure and experience how much more powerful creativity can be when shared between friends and family.

Play a board game

Relationships between generations can be nurtured through the joy of gaming. There’s no better way to bridge an intergenerational gap than by playing a few rounds together. Whether it’s traditional card or board games, 2-player applications on your device or console — get those competitive juices flowing and have fun while doing so! Search for some classic favorites that both Grandpas and sons will enjoy this holiday season. Nothing bonds like quality time spent over great conversation…and yes, maybe winning too.

Take photos of each other with your smartphones.

Create a new picture book together. Take pictures of the two of you which you can publish and add. You may also make drawings for your album or cut out photographs from publications and newspapers.

Cook something together, like brownies or spaghetti (yummy!)

Grandparents and grandchildren have the perfect opportunity to get in the kitchen together and create lasting memories. Swap stories, share recipes, discover favorite family dishes — it’s a wonderful chance for little ones to learn more about their culture through traditional foods. What will you cook up with your grandkids? A delicious way of connecting them with past generations while creating something that they can enjoy now, too!

Play cards with each other

Playing card games can keep young, and older brains (and hands) occupied during downtime. Such games come in a range of sizes and forms, ranging from the traditional Go Fish, to much more complex games such as Throw Throw Avocado which require full-body participation. The finest cards for kids and seniors may encourage and over healthy rivalry. At the very least, enjoying cards and games with kids and seniors can help them develop their thinking, memorization, motor control, and interpersonal skills.

Throw darts

Darts offer a unique and exciting way to stay mentally sharp. With finely-tuned hand accuracy, this game can be enjoyed by people of all ages! Kids and grandparents alike will benefit from the brain workout that darts provide as it helps exercise parts of your nervous system —particularly your cerebrum. Arrow throwing also teaches patience and focus on breathing techniques with its slow pace making for an enjoyable experience every time you play. Why not sharpen those mental abilities today?

Do a puzzle

Gather your family together for a puzzle-solving adventure! Working on puzzles as a household is an excellent way to promote cooperation and focus, strengthen bonds between members of all ages, stimulate minds with physical activities that foster hand-eye coordination — plus it’s just plain fun. Choose from challenging brain teasers, or even create one featuring the best memories of you and yours; there are plenty options out there which cater towards everyone’s preferences. Get ready to get puzzling today. Trust us: once you start, it’ll be hard to stop!

Play and/or listen to music

Don’t be afraid to get tech-savvy with the seniors in your life. Introduce them to recent apps and games, test each other out on wordplay or brainteasers during family TV time. You can even check in from a distance by teaching them the latest social media tools — plus give them some helpful tips for staying savvy online.

Dance party

Hosting a dance party allows everyone — including seniors — to loosen up and rediscover their inner child. Play music from all eras and genres to spice up the party and introduce the seniors in your life to new things! Watching children or grandchildren enjoy themselves is almost certain to put a smile on their face no matter what.

Summing up

Seeking out and celebrating the differences between your hobbies is a great way to discover new opportunities for meaningful intergenerational activities. Find innovative ways to bridge gaps, broaden perspectives and make lasting memories of learning together — no matter how different you may be!

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