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The Key to Happy Living: Mental Health for Seniors

A happy senior couple smiling and laughing.

Your mental wellbeing is a critical part of your overall health. When you have an optimistic outlook on life, it has a positive impact on your behavior and how you handle stress when it eventually finds you. Good mental health may also help prevent physical and mental illness — things that are particularly significant as we continue to age. This is why the experts at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor have dedicated themselves to offering the best activities and amenities possible, right on our campus. Below, we explore some of the ways our community helps to positively impact the mental health of residents.

How to be Mentally Healthy: Mental Health Tips for Seniors

  1. Expand your palate with culinary treats. Because food is our fuel, it’s important to get the right nutrients to keep your body and mind healthy. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of good, healthy food at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor. Our dining area offers a rotating menu of fresh and flavorful meals and snacks to suit any diet. And thanks to our location right on the Navesink River, you can fully relax in the surrounding views while you enjoy a meal.
  2. Expand your mind in the library. Keeping your brain engaged is an important part of healthy mental wellness. In our library, you’ll find an array of reading material to help keep a healthy mind — from classic favorites to new bestsellers to undiscovered treasures.
  3. Unleash your creativity in the art studio. Letting your imagination run wild is a wonderful way to boost your mental health. And thanks to our natural surroundings, it’s easy to find inspiration right here at The Atrium. Join in a watercolor painting class at the art studio to capture the beauty of the river or spend some time in quiet solitude, letting your mind and brush run wild.
  4. Take in the peace of waterfront living. When you live on the water like we do, it’s easy to find the tranquility you crave. Relax to the sound of the waves lapping on the shore. Find serenity while watching the boats cruise by. Take in the changing of the foliage with each season.
  5. Find a connection in the surrounding community. Socialization is linked to an increased sense of wellbeing and a decreased risk of depression, and there’s plenty of potential for socialization in the surrounding community of Red Bank. Grab a friend and enjoy a show at the Two River Theater or Count Basie Center for the Arts. Take a cruise on the Navesink River and meet some new acquaintances. Or shake things up at the Riverside Gardens Park during the Summer Concert Series when the season is right.

Experience Mental Wellness with The Atrium at Navesink Harbor

Don’t just take our word for it. Residents Irmgard Larson and Ralph Rapp told us about how they enjoy life in the community. “For me the big attraction to come here was the beautiful setting and surroundings. I love the river, I love the garden and I love the convenience of going to town… and with such a busy schedule, sometimes I just like to be alone. We have a nice apartment, so why not enjoy that too! I have a loving husband and we enjoy time together taking in the beautiful views of the city and the river. We cannot complain and we truly appreciate everything here.”

Come see how peaceful and vibrant life at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor can be by scheduling a visit. Or contact our team to learn more about healthy living in our community.

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