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The Importance of Socialization for Seniors

two senior women socializing over a meal

Rethinking Your Solitary Lifestyle: The Health Benefits of Socializing for Seniors

There’s nothing quite as freeing as knowing your time is your own. Some days it’s great to go it alone. Just be sure it’s not every day, all the time. That’s because studies have shown there are numerous health benefits of socializing for seniors.

During the height of the pandemic, experts had a perfect opportunity to observe the effects of isolation on seniors. What they found was that isolation led to increases in stress, anxiety, and depression. Isolation has also been found to advance memory loss and certain forms of dementia.

If you live alone after the loss of a spouse or feel somewhat isolated even as a couple due to health limitations, this could be a great time to consider moving to one of the many senior living communities that are attracting more older adults than ever before. 

Perhaps one of the loveliest communities to consider is The Atrium at Navesink Harbor in Red Bank, New Jersey. When it comes to the socialization advantages that older adults can experience, The Atrium at Navesink Harbor is truly a shining example. It offers waterfront living; numerous enriching activities, events, and wellness programs; plus great ways to step outside your apartment door and enjoy the company of friends or hop a shuttle to the attractions, restaurants, and shops in town. In fact, features like these should be a benchmark for  evaluating any retirement community you explore.

Need a few more reasons why socializing is good medicine? Read on.

How Coffee Talks and Skype Keep the Doctor Away.

So how does chatting with a friend over coffee make you healthier exactly? Research has shown that for older adults, a strong social life and a supportive circle of friends can fend off many cognitive, emotional, and physical issues that can arise from isolation. Older adults who regularly socialize handle stress betterand lowering stress levels improves cardiovascular health and enhances one’s immune system.

With today’s technology, even if you aren’t computer savvy, you can stay connected. Have a friend or family member set up your smartphone with a video meeting app like Skype and Google Duo. Then schedule regular video chats with grandkids and friends to socialize right from your easy chair. Staying connected can help you live longer, enhance your self-esteem, and improve the way you feel about yourself. Just knowing that people care about you and your welfare is wonderful medicine.

How Connecting with Friends Improves Brain Health.

There have also been many studies that prove one of the key socialization advantages in older adults is better cognitive health. Meeting with friends to catch up, learning a hobby together, or discussing the latest news or book you’ve read are all excellent ways to stay intellectually stimulated and mentally sharp. Adding in an invigorating walk in the park while you chat is even better. Any group activity will help you meet new friends and add a recurring to-do on your weekly schedule.

Volunteering is another fulfilling way to socialize. When you work at a pet shelter or hospital gift shop or other organization, you not only stay engaged, but you also give of yourself, which helps you feel valued and needed.

Live Your Very Best (Social) Life in a Retirement Community.

Of course, one of the very best ways to experience the health benefits of socializing for seniors is to move to The Atrium at Navesink Harbor. Along with the many activities available, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of maintenance-free independent living. Best of all, The Atrium at Navesink Harbor is also a Life Plan Community, with the healthcare options you may need as you age. 

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