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Look Out for These Latest Trends in Retirement Living

trends in retirement living

Look Out for These Latest Trends in Retirement Living

Did you know that within only a few decades from now, for first time in our country’s history, seniors are expected to outnumber children? By the year 2035, the U.S. Census Bureau predicts there will be 78 million people over age 65 compared to 76.4 million under age 18.

That’s right – seniors will be the majority and this will undoubtedly lead to major influences on retirement living trends. With increased competition between senior living communities all vying for this age group to become residents, only the best communities will be at the forefront of the latest trends in senior housing.

So, what are those trends? We can’t predict the future, but we can take an educated guess about what trends we think might break through as early as this year.

Trends in Retirement Homes We Expect to See

Increased Dining Options

Ever get the vibe that more and more food trends are popping up lately? Whether it’s vegan lifestyles, low-carb diets, plant-based meats, gluten-free options or other trends, the variety of foods consumed daily are evolving. We’re betting they’ll continue to evolve and new fads will break through. It’s up to the best senior housing communities to identify and incorporate the here-to-stay food trends into their dining options to accommodate a diverse audience. This is especially important considering some people have “good food” at the top of their wish lists when searching for the right retirement community.

Floor Plans for Both Couples and Singles

Retirement communities will need to cater to the lifestyles of both married couples and single seniors. Couples may be looking to downsize from a larger home, but they often still desire at least two-bedrooms or a den for visiting guests. On the other hand, single seniors may not require a large floorplan that accommodates multiple people. Regardless of the size of the living space, residents today are also looking for modern features like open floor plans, upgraded appliances and plenty of storage.

An Emphasis on Wellness

We already see it: the health and wellness technology that makes living a healthy lifestyle more attainable than ever. This technology and the lifestyle changes it encourages will transfer to seniors looking for healthy lifestyles at their retirement community of choice. More than ever before, the baby boomer population will place an emphasis on overall wellness, including healthy eating, staying active, and taking care of oneself, and this should translate to their senior housing. They’ll be looking for a CCRC that offers a robust wellness program and the amenities to keep them living their best lives.

Better Access to Technology

Along that same note, baby boomers are also using technology more than the generations before them. If you’re a baby boomer and you’re reading this, you’re a perfect example of this trend: reading a blog post about retirement trends on a computer or mobile device. Can you remember the last time you went an entire day without some type of technology? This year and for years to come, more and more seniors will expect regular access to technology and will look for it as a sign of a modern, innovative retirement community.

The Atrium: At the Forefront of Senior Housing Trends

No retirement community can stop the latest trends from happening. And why should they? Trends allow us to stay at the forefront of what our residents and future residents are looking for – and that’s all we can do to ensure you get what you need from us. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the living options and lifestyle offered at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor, please contact us today.

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