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Our Guide to Spring-Cleaning

Senior woman getting ready for spring cleaning.

The weather is getting warmer and birds are chirping again – we’re finally thawing from the winter freeze and ready to welcome back spring. With the turn of the season also comes an opportunity to clean up our homes with spring cleaning. Keep reading for our list of top spring-cleaning tips.

Top 10 Spring-Cleaning Tips

  1. Start with the Proper Tools: You’ll need an arsenal of tools to help you thoroughly clean your place. Check out this list of essential spring-cleaning supplies, which covers everything from cleaners to dusters and even a caddy to help you stay organized.
  2. Make a List: Start by organizing your thoughts and priorities in a list. Not only are you able to easily check off when a task is complete, but you can also make a schedule of this list to nail down what needs to be done and by when.
  3. Go Room to Room: Cleaning one room at a time helps you to not feel overwhelmed. Rather than looking at the house as a whole, tackle smaller areas and celebrate when each room is done.
  4. Pay Special Attention to the Kitchen and Bathroom: Our kitchens and bathrooms tend to collect the most grime and dirt. Pay special attention to these areas and ensure each inch of the rooms are taken care of, giving yourself extra time if need be.
  5. Declutter: Now is the time to go through your belongings and declutter. While cleaning and organizing, keep in mind those items you don’t use anymore and can get rid of them, either by throwing them away, donating or selling them.
  6. Look for Cleaning Hacks Online: Did you know that you can clean your grill with an onion? Or that cream of tartar helps to clean your toaster and tea kettles? Search for a list of cleaning hacks, like this one, to help you better clean certain areas of your household.
  7. Organize Your Cabinets: Have you ever opened a cabinet only to be met with a bunch of containers falling out? Clean your cabinets by taking everything out, wiping them down and placing each item back in in an organized manner.
  8. Work from Top to Bottom: Start with your ceilings and work down to the floors in each room. This way, you’ll force debris and dirt downwards and avoid having to reclean areas that you’ve already done.
  9. Protect Yourself from Allergies: While you’re cleaning, you’ll likely notice dust moving around your home on furniture and fixtures. Wear protective clothing, like long sleeves and gloves, to protect your skin from irritants.
  10. Ask for Help: You don’t need to do this alone! Ask for help from family or friends to help you tackle certain tasks and get the job done.

Discover an Vibrant Lifestyle at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor

At The Atrium at Navesink Harbor, let us take care of the chores and cleaning for you. Our vibrant senior living lifestyle allows you to enjoy maintenance-free living – meaning you can experience a carefree, independent living lifestyle with complete peace of mind to fully enjoy what you love to do. We take care of all the housekeeping, outdoor maintenance and safety and security.

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