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Top 10 “Remember When: 60’s & 70’s Trivia Questions for Seniors

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Remember the thrill of answering a brain teaser correctly in school? The laughter shared with friends over some friendly competition? That joy of learning and connecting never fades, and now is the perfect time to reignite it!

Our senior trivia questions aren’t just about revisiting the past (though who doesn’t love a good trip down memory lane?). It’s about keeping your mind sharp, sparking conversations, and forging meaningful connections with others who have similar experiences and values. So, gather your friends, dust off your memories, and get ready to embark on a senior trivia adventure! You might be surprised at how much fun you have, how much you learn, and how many new connections you make along the way.

1. Before DVDs and Netflix, what did you rent at the corner store to watch on your bulky TVs?

a. Laserdiscs
b. VHS tapes
c. Betamax tapes
d. Floppy disks

2. What popular board game featured tiny plastic cars and colorful properties?

a. Monopoly
b. Scrabble
c. Clue
d. Candyland

3. What popular toy introduced in the 1970s featured interlocking plastic bricks that sparked creativity in children and adults?

a. Cabbage Patch Kids
b. Rubik’s Cube
c. Hot Wheels

4. Which political scandal of the 1970s led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon?

a. Watergate Scandal
b. Iran-Contra Affair
c. Teapot Dome Scandal
d. Lewinsky Scandal

5. What animated TV series, debuting in 1960, followed the misadventures of a futuristic family living in the space-age city of Orbit City?

a. The Jetsons
b. Scooby-Doo
c. The Flintstones
d. Top Cat

6. Which famous “King” of rock and roll returned triumphantly to the stage with his televised 1968 comeback special?

a. Chuck Berry
b. Little Richard
c. Elvis Presley
d. Buddy Holly

7. What popular dance craze of the 1960s had people twisting their bodies to the music of Chubby Checker?

a. The Jerk
b. The Mashed Potato
c. The Twist
d. The Watusi

8. Who was the charismatic and influential civil rights leader assassinated in 1965, known for his advocacy of nonviolent protest and racial equality?

a. Medgar Evers
b. Malcolm X
c. Martin Luther King Jr.
d. Fred Hampton

9. Before smartphones, what did you use to take instant photos at parties?

a. Polaroid Cameras
b. Instamatic Cameras
c. Disposable Cameras
d. Film Cameras

10. What popular 1970s game show had contestants spin a giant wheel for prizes?

a. The Price is Right
b. Let’s Make a Deal
c. Match Game
d. Family Feud

As you tally up your score from the senior trivia questions, it’s important to remember that now is a time to embrace new possibilities and to challenge yourself both mentally and socially. While senior living communities may not be for everyone, they offer a unique environment that can foster intellectual stimulation, meaningful connections, and an overall zest for life.

Here are just a few of the benefits waiting for you at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor:

    • Opportunities to stay mentally active: From engaging lectures and discussions to educational workshops and game nights, senior living communities offer a variety of programs and activities designed to keep your mind sharp and engaged.
    • A supportive social network: One of the greatest challenges of retirement can be social isolation. Senior living communities provide a built-in social network of like-minded peers. You can make new friends, share experiences, and participate in group activities.
    • An emphasis on health and wellness: The Atrium at Navesink Harbor offers access to fitness classes, a health clinic, and other amenities that can help you stay physically active and healthy. We also provide on-site skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, which can give you peace of mind and access to the care you need.

If you’re in a stage of life where staying active and engaged is a priority, explore the possibilities that a senior living community has to offer. The Atrium at Navesink Harbor can be a wonderful way to embrace this new chapter in your life. Contact us today.


1. (b) VHS tapes
2. (a) Monopoly
3. (d) LEGO
4. (a) Watergate Scandal
5. (a) The Jetsons
6. (c) Elvis Presley
7. (c) The Twist
8. (c) Martin Luther King Jr.
9. (a) Polaroid Cameras
10. (a) The Price is Right

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