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Questions to Ask When Moving with a Pet

A smiling senior woman enjoying time with her cat.

Having a pet offers many health advantages—including both mental and physical benefits—so it’s no wonder that you would want to bring yours with you when you move into a senior living community. They’re a part of your family, and they bring you unparalleled companionship. So, when you begin looking into a CCRC you have some considerations to make, including decisions pertaining to your furry family members.

Things to Consider When Moving to Senior Living With a Pet

When you’re on the verge of a new chapter in your life, you want to make sure your pets will have a happy home with you. While many senior living communities now allow pets to move with you, there are still some things you’ll want to ask before settling on a new home.

Do you allow pets?

Many senior living communities do allow pets now, but there are still plenty that do not. If you plan to bring a furry or feathered friend with you, be sure to confirm that the community will be happy to have them on board.

Do you have breed, size or temperament guidelines?

If the community does allow pets, they may have some restrictions in place. Cats and small dogs are likely to be welcome with open arms, but larger dogs like Great Danes and German shepherds may not be able to join you. Even if your pet does fit the breed and size requirements, they may still need to be Commented [BY1]: Internal link, same tab
2evaluated for temperament, so the community knows they’ll get along well with other residents and their pets.

Is there a limit on number of pets per resident?

If you have one pet, there’s a good chance you have two or more. While pets provide companionship for us, they also keep each other company when we’re out and about. If you have multiple cats or dogs, ask the community if they have a restriction on the number of pets you can bring with you.

Are there community spaces for pets?

If you previously lived in a house with a backyard or where you had quick access to a dog park, your pet will be used to roaming in open spaces. Confirm with the senior living community that there is outdoor space for your animals to enjoy.

Is there a pet deposit or monthly fee?

Some communities require an initial deposit for your pet or a month fee for additional maintenance. Ask about any additional costs so you know how to properly budget for pet fees or if you’re able to afford the community with the extra costs.

Are there vaccination requirements?

Vaccinations may be required by the community to ensure the health and safety of other pets that live there. Be sure to ask what vaccinations your pet needs and be ready with the proper paperwork before you move.

Discover Pet Friendly Senior Living at The Atrium

The Atrium at Navesink Harbor wants to welcome both you and your furry family members to our pet-friendly community. When you make your home with us, you’re choosing a community full of comforts for both you and your pets. We have an array of spacious apartments that your dog or cat can enjoy. Take them for a refreshing walk along the water where you can both get exercise. Bring them to the local Red Bank parks for an energetic game of fetch. Contact our team today to see how you and your furry friend can enjoy a vibrant lifestyle at The Atrium.

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